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Spider-Man 2 Shows Kraven the Hunter and Symbiote Powers During New Gameplay Demo From PlayStation Showcase

(Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment)

The Spider-Men become hunted this fall.

Spider-Man 2 will release this fall for the PlayStation 5 and let players switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales against a new villain, Sony revealed during its PlayStation Showcase event on Wednesday. A specific release date wasn’t announced.

The PS5-exclusive is a sequel to 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man and 2020’s spin-off Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Spider-Man 2 is being developed by Insomniac Games in association with Marvel Games.

Spider-Man 2’s tagline is “Be Greater, Together.” Players can quickly switch between both heroes during gameplay and team up together during certain sections. Each Spider-Man will have their own unique powers and also share abilities. Peter Parker now has a black Symbiote costume that changes his dynamic, personality and powers.

Insomniac Games confirmed a few days ago that there’s no co-op gameplay in Spider-Man 2 and it’s a single-player only experience.

Sony showed an extensive gameplay preview of Spider-Man 2 during the PlayStation Showcase. In the footage, Kraven the Hunter is fully revealed as one of the game’s main antagonists. Kraven and his crew called Kraven’s Hunters travel to New York City for more challenging battles against the likes of Spider-Man. The trailer also teases Kraven going after other characters like Tombstone, Black Cat, Wraith, Taskmaster and Prowler. In the demo, the Spider team try to find The Lizard before Kraven does, chasing after Dr. Curt Connors from Queens, into Harlem and then the East River as he causes a rampage throughout the city.

Spider-Man 2 has a new gameplay feature called Web Wings, which allows each character to travel a lot faster through the world, basically flying above the city. Peter Parker with the Symbiote suit has several new combat abilities using the alien skin against enemies. Peter is now more aggressive and unpredictable due to the effects from the Symbiote suit. Miles also has new abilities like the Thunder Burst, an electrical ground attack that can be paired with another power called Chain Lightning. Miles has a new gadget called the Web Grabber that can pull enemies together in combat. Another new gadget for both characters is called the Web Line, which will let players sneakily take down enemies below them.

There will also be individual and shared skill trees for the two characters to get upgrades with.

Venom is another new character that will also be a bad guy in the game, voiced by actor Tony Todd. Queens and the East River are some of the new locations being added in Spider-Man 2. The game’s story will also focus on Peter’s experience with the Symbiote suit and how it changes him and his relationships. Spider-Man 2 will include features of the PS5’s DualSense controller for more immersion during gameplay.

Spider-Man 2 was first revealed at the last PlayStation Showcase event in September 2021.

Watch the latest trailer introducing Kraven the Hunter:

Watch the new gameplay demo:

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