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Twisted Metal TV Series Debuts This July on Peacock

(Image by Sony Pictures Television)

Vehicular mayhem is streaming this summer.

Twisted Metal will release on Peacock on July 27, a live-action adaption of the PlayStation video game series. The show will feature 30-minute episodes, with 10 of them in the first season.

The show is based on the Sony gaming franchise, which debuted in November 1995 on the original PlayStation with characters competing in a violent, vehicle combat contest to win a single wish. The Twisted Metal show is an action comedy from Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions and Universal Television.

Anthony Mackie (Avengers, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) is the show’s lead character John Doe, a milkman who lost his memory. He’s described as “a motor-mouthed outsider” that’s given a chance to start a new life by delivering a mysterious package across a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn Nine-Nine plays a new character named Quiet, an expert car thief who joins Doe on his quest. Both must survive other drivers out in the world trying to kill them. John Doe is also a character featured in the game Twisted Metal: Black (2001) that drove the car Roadkill. Thomas Haden Church (Spider-Man 3) plays Agent Stone, another character from the games who drove cars as Crimson Fury and Outlaw.

The show also features current All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar Samoa Joe as the franchise’s iconic Sweet Tooth character with Will Arnett (Arrested Development) voicing the evil clown. Other cast members include Neve Campbell (Scream) as the gothic girl Raven from Twisted Metal: Black, Richard Cabral (Mayans M.C.) as Quiet’s brother Loud, Mike Mitchell (Love) as Stu, Tahj Vaughans (P-Valley) as Stu’s best friend Mike and Lou Beatty Jr. (A Million Little Things) as Tommy, a cartographer who knows the landscape’s dangers.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are the show’s creators, who co-wrote the Deadpool and Zombieland movies. Michael Jonathan Smith of Cobra Kai is the writer and showrunner. The series is directed by Kitao Sakurai (The Eric Andre Show, Bad Trip). Mackie and Arnett are also executive producers on the show. Arnett secured the rights to create the show with Marc Forman (Murderville) and their production company Electric Avenue.

Twisted Metal joins a number of Sony-licensed shows and movies for its gaming properties that includes The Last of Us, God of War and Horizon on streaming services. Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, Days Gone and Gran Turismo are other PlayStation adaptations for the big screen. Sony Interactive Entertainment created PlayStation Productions in 2019, a division to focus on film and television projects. Twisted Metal has been in development since 2021.

A Twisted Metal movie being directed by Brian Taylor (Crank, Ghost Rider) was in the works in 2012 from Sony Pictures and potentially starring Nicolas Cage as Sweet Tooth, but budget issues ultimately caused its cancelation.

The last Twisted Metal game released on the PlayStation 3 in February 2012. There are over eight games in the Twisted Metal franchise, which sold millions of copies since the ’90s.

Watch the show’s teaser trailer:

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