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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Tags Nintendo Switch and Steam This August

(Image by Team Reptile)

Cruise around the streets and leave your mark in this spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk from Team Reptile will release on Aug. 18 for the Nintendo Switch and PC on Steam. The announcement was made during Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase stream on Wednesday. The game will be Switch-exclusive on consoles before releasing on other platforms later.

The game is heavily inspired by Sega’s cult classic Jet Set Radio that first released for the Dreamcast in 2000. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is filled with cel-shaded graphics and the musical vibes to match. The gameplay is set around graffiti tagging and doing tricks throughout a city on skateboards, BMX bikes and skates. Hideki Naganuma, the composer for Jet Set Radio, is making music for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk like the song “JACK DA FUNK” and “GET ENUF.”

There are nine different playable characters in the game, who can be recruited to your crew. One of the main characters is Red, who had his head cut off and now has an AI part of him. Red tries to find out who attacked him and more about his ties to graffiti by joining the Bomb Rush Crew. There will be five different boroughs in the city of New Amsterdam to explore and take over. Players will earn Rep by tagging the city with graffiti and then can challenge other crews for ownership of different areas.

Combos can be done with tricks chained together all over the city’s terrain, like with sliding, grinding and wall running. Combos can also be extended with manuals and Boost Tricks to get higher scores. Some graffiti spots around the city also take more work to finish the piece. Players will be able to switch between riding on a skateboard, skates or bike. While on foot players can slide or jump into certain areas and also link combos together. There will be military police all over the city that increases their presence the more the player’s Rep and crew grows.

Team Reptile also made the games Lethal League Blaze (2018), Lethal League (2014) and The Megabyte Punch (2013). The independent studio is based in the Netherlands in Hilversum, North Holland. Naganuma also contributed a song to Lethal League Blaze.

The game was set to come out in 2022 but was delayed a year by Team Reptile to get it to the quality the studio wanted. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was first revealed in the summer of 2020.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk can be wishlisted on Steam.

Watch the game’s latest trailer:

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