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Co-Op Platformer Bread & Fred Coming to PC This May

(Image by Sand Castles Studio)

Test your friendships in this upcoming co-operative game.

Challenging co-op game Bread & Fred will release for the PC on Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG on May 23. The game will cost $14.99. In Bread & Fred, players control two penguins who must reach a mountain’s summit by jumping, swinging and climbing to the top as a team.

The game will also come to consoles later this year but the specific platforms and release dates haven’t been announced yet.

Bread & Fred is centered around local co-operative play between two people. Both penguins are tied together by rope and must work together to make jumps and move up the mountain. If they aren’t in sync, both penguins will fall further down the mountain, losing progress of their climb. Bread & Fred is designed for challenging gameplay, quick reflexes and precise movements. Both players need to communicate and work together in order to get higher up the mountain. The further players get towards the summit, more difficulties like harsh elements and moving platforms will be introduced. The game will include optional assist features like placeable checkpoints and infinite jumps to help make the challenge easier. It will also feature remote play on Steam instead of requiring another person to be there locally.

For players unable to get a co-op partner, there will also be a single-player component where the second penguin is replaced by a rock named Jeff. Bread & Fred will feature unlockable skins and collectable photos. There will also be a speedrun mode included in the game.

The game is in development from Sand Castles Studio, a small independent company with three people based in Barcelona, Spain. The studio was formed in November 2019 by three lifelong friends. Bread & Fred will be the studio’s first game. Apogee Entertainment is the game’s publisher. The developers described the game as being “born from watching streamers and YouTubers playing rage games.”

Bread & Fred has been wishlisted over 300,000 times on Steam, according to Apogee Entertainment. The demo has also been downloaded over 1 million times.

This release comes from a newly relaunched Apogee. The company originally formed in 1987 as Apogee Software by Scott Miller, known for its shareware business model for games like Duke Nukem and Wolfenstein 3D in the early to mid-90’s. This version of the company is with Scott Miller and Terry Nagy, which Nagy first started in 2008 after acquiring the rights to the Apogee Software name. Nagy was formerly the operations coordinator at Apogee/3D Realms. Apogee is now mainly an independent games publisher as it relaunched in 2021 as Apogee Entertainment with Miller rejoining the company, focusing on working with indie developers. Some of its recent games include Residual in 2021 and the Early Access release Turbo Overkill in 2022. Some of the company’s upcoming titles include Exocide, Lucid, Dead Fury and Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition. The company received $5 million in funding in January 2022 from eWTP Tech Innovation Fund.

A free demo of Bread & Fred is still available on Steam and GOG.

Watch the game’s trailer:

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