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Sons Of The Forest Sells Over 2 Million Copies in 24 Hours

(Image by Endnight Games)

Sons Of The Forest is the biggest game on Steam right now.

Sons Of The Forest launched in Steam Early Access on Thursday and sold over two million copies in just 24 hours. The developer Endnight Games made the announcement Friday afternoon on Twitter.

The open world, survival horror game costs $29.99 to download. The Early Access period is set to last between 6-8 months before the game becomes a full release. The game is the sequel to the independent studio’s first title The Forest, which also started in Early Access on Steam in 2014 before fully releasing in 2018. In comparison to The Forest, the studio had announced in November 2018 that the original game sold over 5.3 million copies on PC.

Endnight Games also teased some more gameplay announcements for players in the upcoming weeks.

Sons Of The Forest was one of the top game’s wishlisted on Steam before its release, even taking the number one spot over the highly anticipated Starfield from Bethesda Game Studios. It’s currently the top-selling game on the platform. On its launch, Sons Of The Forest had over 700,000 viewers on Twitch, with the game maintaining several hundred thousand viewers through the day. It has remained in the top five games on the livestreaming platform. On Steam the game is currently in the top five of concurrent players as of this posting, with over 342,000 users and peaked at over 411,000 in the last 24 hours. It’s currently behind Dota 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive while beating out Hogwarts Legacy and Apex Legends.

The game has several new features, like an AI companion, a map four times bigger than the original game, an updated building system, a digging mechanic, dynamic weather and smarter enemies. The story takes place on an island filled with cannibals, mutants and monsters as the player searches for a missing billionaire. The game can be played cooperatively with up to eight people.

Sons Of The Forest will continue to be in development during the Early Access period. The game will get updates and more features, a lot that will be based on player feedback. Console versions of the game haven’t been announced yet.

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