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Metroid Prime Remastered Is Out Now Digitally for Nintendo Switch

(Image by Nintendo)

Metroid Prime is back.

Metroid Prime has been remastered in a new updated version of the classic title, Nintendo revealed during its Nintendo Direct stream on Wednesday while also releasing the game right after the show ended.

Metroid Prime Remastered is now available to download on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $39.99. A physical version at retailers will be released on Feb. 22.

The Remastered version of Metroid Prime features updated graphics, improved audio and different control choices. Players can now use a new dual-stick analog setup as well as the style from the initial release and the Wii controls of Metroid Prime: Trilogy. The game features different difficulty options by introducing a casual mode. There’s also unlockable art from the original development along with character and sound galleries.

Metroid Prime first released for the GameCube on Nov. 18, 2002 in North America. Created by one of Nintendo’s internal developers Retro Studios, Metroid Prime was the first game in the franchise to have 3D graphics and be designed with a different gameplay style as players controlled Samus Aran in a first-person mode on the planet Tallon IV. The Remastered release is also developed by Retro Studios.

The original game is also part of Metroid Prime: Trilogy that released on the Wii in August 2009 and later on as a download for the Wii U in January 2015. The Trilogy also included the game’s sequels Echoes (2004) and Corruption (2007) with new features and control options. The original Metroid Prime has sold over 2.84 million copies in its lifetime.

Remasters and re-releases of the Metroid Prime games have been rumored for some time now.

This is the second Metroid game out for the Nintendo Switch, with Metroid Dread released in October 2021. Metroid Prime 4 is also currently in development from Retro Studios, which was first revealed at E3 2017.

Watch the game’s trailer:

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