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Fort Solis Is a Space Thriller Game With Troy Baker and Roger Clark Coming This Summer

(Image by Fallen Leaf Studio and Black Drakkar Games)

A story-driven game set on Mars with some major names attached to it will release this year.

Fort Solis will release later this summer on PC through Steam, the first game from new independent Polish developers Fallen Leaf Studio and Black Drakkar Games. Dear Villagers were brought on as the game’s publisher, a French-based company that have also released titles like The Forgotten City (2021) and Edge of Eternity (2021). An exact release date during the summer hasn’t been announced yet.

Fort Solis is a third-person, cinematic game that takes place on Mars with a combination of sci-fi and horror elements. The main protagonist is Jack Leary, an engineer who answers a distress call on the red planet from a nearby mining base called Fort Solis. As he’s there, a storm breaks outside the base and Leary is forced inside searching for answers as to what happened to the crew and its abandoned facility.

The game features voice acting and performances from high-profile names like Troy Baker, known for numerous roles such as Joel Miller in The Last of Us franchise and Roger Clark, who did the motion capture and voiced the main character Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 (2018). Julia Brown from television shows like World on Fire and The Lost Kingdom is also a central character in this game as Jessica Appleton. Brown’s character tries to help Leary over radio while he’s at the base and also becomes playable during parts of the game. Clark plays the main playable character in Fort Solis. Baker plays a man named Wyatt Taylor, a medical officer who works at the base.

James Tinsdale, the studio director at Fallen Leaf, describe the game as, “Dead Space meets Duncan Jones’ Moon.” Fort Solis was first revealed at the Summer Game Fest event last June. The game is being developed with the new Unreal Engine 5.

The game takes some inspiration from other story-focused studios such as Quantic Dream and its titles like Heavy Rain (2010) and Detroit: Become Human (2018) alongside Supermassive Games with Until Dawn (2015) and The Quarry (2022). Fort Solis will have more gameplay and player involvement compared to those titles though, according to the developers.

Fort Solis will feature a camera perspective like the new God of War games have, where there are no cuts between scenes and gameplay but the action all flows together for a more immersive experience. There will also apparently be no HUD or load times throughout the game. Players can also discover audio and video logs from the crew to learn more about what happened. There are several locations throughout the story for the player to explore, from the planet’s surface during the worsening storm to above and below ground inside the facility. Leary has a multi-tool on his arm that is a focus of the gameplay where players get alerts, use it to hack doors, analyze parts of the facility, access a map, view the crew’s recordings and other in-game abilities.

Players will make choices in real-time during certain scenes that the developers call key sequences, which can take the game’s direction in different ways. Fort Solis will have multiple endings based on the player’s choices throughout the story.

The game can be added to your wishlist on Steam. Other platforms for release haven’t been announced.

Watch the game’s trailer:

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