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Paleophage Is a New Survival Horror Game With Dinosaurs

(Image by LogDev)

A new game with prehistoric terror is coming later this year.

Paleophage is a third-person, survival horror game about two characters in the present day facing the threat of ancient dinosaurs, which are now alive again as a result of some biological disaster. It’s currently in development for a 2023 release on Steam with a target window of this summer. There’s no announcement of console versions yet but the game could be potentially ported at a later time.

Paleophage is being developed by just one person. Logan Chitwood is an illustrator and developer based in Madison, Wisconsin who is behind the game. Paleophage is in development with the Unity engine.

The campaign will feature two playable characters with an over-the-shoulder gameplay style. One of them is named Erika, who will seem to focus more on melee attacks instead of always having firearms available. The other playable character looks to be a mercenary who might primarily use guns. Paleophage will have more than six weapons for the player to use against the dinos. The game will feature more than 10 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. There will be a randomized encounter system that will give players different ways they encounter enemies and how they experience the story mode. The campaign will take place across different settings like a resort, convention hall and forest areas. Players will discover the story behind the Paleophage, which sounds like the cause of the dinosaurs returning. There will also be more game modes for the player to unlock.

Players can currently add Paleophage to their wishlist on Steam. Those interested in the game can follow the official website and the developer on Twitter for more updates along the development process.

Dinosaurs and survival horror do seem to go well together. There are many fans of the prominent survival horror series Dino Crisis who still want a new game in that franchise almost two decades later. The first Dino Crisis was first released by Capcom in 1999 on the original PlayStation. The game took the survival horror formula from the Resident Evil franchise and applied it with dinosaurs instead of zombies. The last game in the series, Dino Crisis 3, released exclusively for the original Xbox in 2003. Paleophage does have its influences based in Dino Crisis and Resident Evil.

Check out screenshots of Paleophage:

(Images by LogDev)

Watch the trailer:

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