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Bound on PS4: Extended Gameplay

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

Watch how dancing can lead to reliving memories and overcoming the past in Bound.

Bound is a platformer with a focus on an artistic environment and unique player movement that released Tuesday for the PlayStation 4. The main character in Bound uses ballerina-like dance moves to travel across the world as she pieces her memories together.

The game is developed by Plastic Studios, a Polish independent team. Plastic also made shorter, experimental pieces like Linger in Shadows (2008) and Datura (2012) for the PlayStation 3.

Bound is about a woman reliving certain childhood experiences that deeply affected her. The game can unfold in different sequences depending on the order and paths chosen by the player, which depict changing scenes and imagery in the levels. The story is told through interpretation of the colorful environment, mysterious objects and symbolic characters in the representative world of the woman’s past.

Bound also includes an extensive in-game Photo Mode for players to capture and edit creative images.

The release is a smaller project in collaboration from Sony Santa Monica Studios, the company responsible for games like the God of War franchise.

The game will also support PlayStation VR through a free update when Sony launches the platform on Oct. 13.

Bound costs $19.99 to download. The game is part of this year’s annual summer promotion, PlayStation Store PLAY, which highlights four new digital games to check out on Sony’s console.

Watch Tim play one of the early chapters in Bound:

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