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Terraria on Wii U Releasing in June

(Image by Re-Logic)

(Image by Re-Logic)

Nintendo’s home console is finally getting Terraria.

Terraria will release for the Wii U on June 24 in Europe and June 28 in North America for $29.99.

The game will be sold at retail and will also be downloadable from the eShop. This console version of Terraria is being published by 505 Games, known for releases like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (2013), Payday 2: The Heist (2013) and most recently Adr1ft last March

Terraria will feature the Wii U’s GamePad for touch screen controls and use of its stylus pen, which separates it from the other console versions. The full game can be played on just the GamePad or using it for a second-screen experience, like managing the game’s inventory system. The two-screen support is designed specifically for the Wii U.

The Wii U version features all the content from the other console platforms, like 14 different areas, hundreds of weapons and items to craft, over 150 enemies and many bosses.

There will be four-player, split-screen co-op and up to eight people for online multiplayer in the Wii U version. The game also supports Miiverse communities by tracking game progress through posting achievements to its leaderboards.

Nintendo is one of the last platforms to get Terraria, which has released for many other consoles and devices since its launch five years ago. The Wii U port was originally announced in July 2015 along with a 3DS version. The development took longer than anticipated, causing the almost year-long delay. The 3DS version released in December 2015 and is a port of the mobile version. On 3DS the game retails for $19.99 but has less content and is also missing online play.

The Wii U version of Terraria is being ported by Engine Software, a Dutch studio that worked on the game’s other console releases for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita and current generation systems.

Created by Andrew Spinks and his small independent studio Re-Logic, the game first released in May 2011 on PC. Terraria became extremely popular and a huge independent success story. Since its initial launch the game has sold well over 12 million copies across all different platforms, with over 7 million owners on Steam, according to SteamSpy.

The game received constant updates on PC that added new content and improved gameplay. Terraria is available on almost every available modern platform, including PC, consoles and mobile. The game was first ported to other platforms with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in March 2013. It was also featured as a free PlayStation Plus game in June 2014. 505 Games published all the home console versions.

Terraria takes place in a 2D world where players can craft items and build levels in a side-scrolling, sandbox environment. Players gather materials by mining and fighting enemies in a randomly generated world, upgrade their character’s equipment and take on bosses. The upcoming 1.3.1 update is the next major patch scheduled to release for the PC. Console players are behind in updates and content compared to the PC, which are at version 1.2.4 for most platforms. Updates roll out slower for the console editions than they do for the PC release.

Terraria follows many other independent games to release on Nintendo consoles in the past few years. Super Meat Boy (2010) is the next indie game coming to the Wii U, which is scheduled to release on the eShop on May 12.

Watch the game’s latest trailer:

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