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Oxenfree Coming to PS4 in May, Adding New Game Plus for All Versions

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

Oxenfree is opening a new dimension of content on the PlayStation 4.

Oxenfree, an adventure game about a group of teenagers who discover the supernatural during a weekend getaway on a haunted island, will release for the PlayStation 4 on May 31.

The upcoming PS4 release is considered a director’s cut version of the game. The story-driven Oxenfree will get a New Game Plus mode with the PS4 version that wasn’t included in the original release on Xbox One and PC. This mode will feature alternative endings, new dialogue and extra locations that will continue the storyline from the main game.

After finishing Oxenfree and playing it a second time in New Game Plus mode, there will be a “creeping sense of deja vu” for the players as the added scenes change the story, according to the developers.

The new game content will also come to the Xbox One and PC versions through a free update when Oxenfree releases on PS4. The game first launched on Jan. 15. The PS4 version was announced before Oxenfree released on other platforms.

New console-exclusive features will also be added to the PS4 port. The PS4 version of Oxenfree will use the DualShock 4’s speakers to broadcast the game’s radio messages. The light bar on the controller will change colors depending on the radio’s frequencies.

“As fans have consistently asked for a PlayStation 4 version of Oxenfree, we set out to do something really special for the PS4 debut, unlike anything any other narrative game has tried,” Sean Krankel, co-founder of Night School Studio, said in a press release.

There will also be a dynamic theme for PS4 players releasing alongside the game both as a bundle and a standalone purchase. The theme is based on the game’s island that will show changing events from the story.

All owners of the game will receive a free documentary that shows a behind-the-scenes look at Oxenfree’s development.

Oxenfree is about a group of teenagers that go to an island for a traditional weekend party before graduating high school. It was once the location of an old military installation but is now just a tourist attraction. The island has a dark past though as the group opens the doors to another dimension while exploring. Oxenfree is played from the perspective of Alex, a teenage girl with colorful hair that is unsure about her future. One of its main mechanics is the use of a portable radio that connects to the paranormal dimension and becomes part of the gameplay.

Throughout the game conversations are constantly happening between Alex, her new stepbrother and close friends. All the dialogue takes place seamlessly as players walk around the island, with no interrupting cut-scenes. The relationships with the other characters can change depending on the responses Alex gives. The game also unfolds in different ways depending on the choices the player makes and features multiple endings.

Oxenfree is the first game from Night School Studio, an independent developer started in 2014 by two cousins who formerly worked at Telltale Games and Disney. The company is based in Glendale, California. The game is made in collaboration with Skybound Entertainment, the media company co-started by “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman.

The game currently retails for $19.99 on Xbox  One, Steam and Windows 10.

Check out Quarter Disorder’s review of Oxenfree to read more about the game.

Watch the trailer for the PS4 release:

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