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Runbow Getting Story and Costume DLC This Week

(Image by 13AM Games)

(Image by 13AM Games)

Runbow is expanding the party.

Runbow, a multiplayer-focused game exclusive to the Wii U, is adding a story expansion and several new costumes as part of its first wave of downloadable content this Thursday, 13AM Games announced on Monday.

The game first released in August 2015 on the Wii U eShop from 13AM Games, a Toronto-based independent developer. In Runbow players race to the finish line in platform stages by avoiding obstacles and battling each other. One of the key features of Runbow is that the game’s visually pleasing backgrounds are constantly changing colors, which impacts the layouts of the stage. The game features both online and local multiplayer of up to 9 people along with several different single-player and party modes.

A downloadable story add-on called Satura’s Space Adventure will release this Thursday, featuring the game’s main antagonist that has 36 single-player and 13 multiplayer levels. The DLC also features new enemies, music and costumes. The expansion will cost $6.99.

Four new costume packs for the game will also be available to download this Thursday. Each costume pack includes two new outfits based on anime, steampunk, professional and winter clothing. The winter pack will cost $2.99 while the remaining three will be $1.99 each. Every pack besides the professional also adds new music tracks to the game.

There will be a discounted bundle of the story and all the costume DLC for $12.99.

The game is also adding a free new character from Freedom Planet, a 2014 indie platformer by GalaxyTrail that was ported to the Wii U last October. Lilac the dragon will join Runbow’s cast that already includes several cameos of characters from games by other independent developers like Bit.Trip, SteamWorld Dig, Guacamelee! and Shovel Knight.

The base game costs $14.99 to download on the eShop. Runbow will be on sale for 25 percent off starting Thursday through April 28.

A second soundtrack for Runbow is also available to download. These tracks are part of the new DLC expansions.

Runbow is the first release developed by 13AM Games.

Watch the trailer for the upcoming DLC:


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