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Alienation From Housemarque Releasing This April

(Image by Housemarque)

(Image by Housemarque)

Fight aliens in style next month with a PlayStation 4 exclusive from the studio that made Resogun.

Housemarque’s latest game Alienation will release worldwide on April 26 for the PS4.

The game is available to pre-order from the PlayStation Store with a 10 percent discount. It costs $19.99 to download.

Alienation is a top-down, twin-stick shooter with up to four players taking on hordes of aliens. There will be three main character classes to play as with special abilities similar to a tank, healer and rogue that each have their own talent tree. The game will feature fast-paced shooting, loot collecting, customizable weapons and upgradable skills. Stages will have destructible environments and lots of explosions, with the stylistic visuals a Housemarque game has become known for.

In Alienation humans on Earth are fighting alien invaders called the Xenos. The U.N. created a new military group called the UNX to combat alien threats, which players take control of in the game.

At the game’s launch Alienation will only have an online cooperative focus but local co-op might be added later. The online co-op lets players drop-in and drop-out of games. Alienation will also have a single-player mode. There will be leaderboards to compare gameplay stats with friends and other players from around the world.

The game will only launch with online co-op because Housemarque said it needed to prioritize Alienation’s features during development as a smaller independent studio. The team does have a history of supporting its games with post-release content. Resogun was a PlayStation 4 launch title in November 2013 that later added couch co-op through a free update in June 2014.

Alienation is in development from the Finnish team behind Resogun (2013), Dead Nation (2010) and the Super Stardust franchise. The studio calls its latest game a spiritual successor to Dead Nation, which featured similar gameplay but with a zombie outbreak. Dead Nation had two player local co-op when it launched on the PlayStation 3 in November 2010.

Housemarque first announced Alienation in August 2014 at Sony’s Gamescom conference in Germany. The game was originally planned to release this month until being pushed back to its new April launch.

Watch the new gameplay trailer:

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