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Pokemon Sun and Moon Announced for 3DS

A new mainline Pokemon will release later this year.

The Pokemon Company officially revealed the next two games in the Pokemon franchise called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, which will release worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS this holiday season.

The games were announced in Friday’s six minute Nintendo Direct all about the Pokemon franchise. Both games will release simultaneously for the 3DS platform and feature nine different languages.

To reach more players worldwide, Traditional and Simplified Chinese language options will be added to Sun and Moon for the first time in the franchise.

No gameplay or story details were revealed for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and X/Y will all be compatible with the newest games, enabling Pokemon to transfer from those titles into Sun and Moon. It wasn’t officially confirmed if Sun and Moon will be an all-new seventh generation of Pokemon or if the games are continuing the sixth generation line started in 2013 with Pokemon X and Y.

Based on certain factors it’s presumed that these will be a new generational Pokemon. The reveal trailer shows each main Pokemon line over the years, ending with the announcement of Sun and Moon. The official Twitter for Pokemon is also teasing that Sun and Moon are the “next era” of games for the series. The game’s official page does promote that Sun and Moon will feature a new world and new Pokemon to catch.

Game Boy classics Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will re-release on the 3DS Virtual Console for $9.99 each on Saturday. Pokemon captured in Red, Blue and Yellow can be transferred to Sun and Moon using the online Pokemon Bank system. The three original games featured 151 available Pokemon.

Sun and Moon were leaked early on Thursday as images surfaced of its logos and trademarks in Europe.

The Pokemon Company revealed a new mythical Pokemon called Magearna earlier this month. The 722nd Pokemon is a man-made creature with a metallic body that will debut in the upcoming Pokemon the Movie XY & Z 2016 releasing this July in Japan. The 721st Pokemon, a fire and water hybrid called Volcanion, is another mythical creature that was revealed last December. Volcanion will also debut in the upcoming movie. Both new Pokemon currently aren’t playable in any of the games.

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series, as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green first released in Japan on Feb. 27, 1996 for Nintendo’s Game Boy. Developed by Game Freak, the games were eventually ported to North America as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue in September 1998. Pokemon became a cultural phenomenon worldwide with its video games, television shows, trading cards and movies. The series has appeared on every Nintendo handheld line since the original Game Boy.

The last games in the franchise were Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in November 2014, remakes of the Game Boy Advance games from 2002-2003. The previous releases in the franchise were the original games Pokemon X and Y in October 2013.

There are currently 720 total playable Pokemon types across the franchise, a big increase from the original 151 lineup back in the ’90s. The series has sold more than 275 million games since its debut in 1996, according to The Pokemon Company.

Watch the reveal trailer for Sun and Moon:

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