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The Witness: Extended Gameplay

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

Come watch the beginnings of The Witness, a game that will push your mind to its limits.

The Witness was developed and self-published by Jonathan Blow’s studio, Thekla, Inc. The game released on Jan. 26 for the PlayStation 4 and PC at $39.99.

The Witness is a challenging puzzle game that takes place on a large island. There are hundreds of puzzles to solve throughout the game’s open world environment, using many different strategies. Solving one or a group of puzzles together opens up more of them on the island. Players can choose the order they want to tackle the puzzles in and where they travel to next.

The areas around the island are also filled with colorful landscapes and many places to discover.

The Witness was designed by Jonathan Blow and developed by a small team over seven years. The game is Blow’s follow-up to Braid, a 2008 puzzle platformer that helped pave the way for many independent developers and releases that are prevalent today on home consoles and the PC.

Watch Tim play The Witness for the first time, solving some of the game’s early puzzles and exploring its world:


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