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Metroid: Zero Mission Coming to Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

(Image by Nintendo)

(Image by Nintendo)

The Game Boy Advance classic Metroid: Zero Mission is releasing for the Wii U Virtual Console this Thursday in North America.

The game will cost $7.99 and can also be downloaded from its store page once it releases. This Virtual Console version will feature Off-TV play using the GamePad.

Zero Mission is a Game Boy Advance title that released in February 2004 in North America. The game is an expanded remake of the original Metroid that first released in 1986, featuring an updated gameplay style similar to Super Metroid (1994). It’s also the second Metroid game in the franchise’s classic design on the GBA following the release of Metroid Fusion in 2002, which is also available to download on the Wii U.

In the game Samus Aran travels to the planet Zebes to destroy Mother Brain and stop the replication of Metroids for galactic warfare by the Space Pirates. During the mission Samus discovers the mysteries surrounding Zebes, gaining new powers and abilities along the way.

Zero Mission has already been available on the Wii U’s Virtual Console in Japan since June 2014 and in Europe since March 2015.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Metroid franchise, which started in Japan on Aug. 6, 1986 for Nintendo’s Famicom system.

The last game in the series, Metroid: Other M, released in August 2010 for the Wii. The franchise’s next announced game is a spin-off called Metroid Prime: Federation Force that’s scheduled to release for the 3DS this year.

Watch Zero Mission’s trailer:

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