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Free DLC Coming to Affordable Space Adventures in Big Update

(Image by Knapnok Games)

(Image by Knapnok Games)

Affordable Space Adventures, the independent puzzle game for the Wii U designed around the GamePad controller, will get free downloadable content and gameplay improvements this week.

A large update to Affordable Space Adventures will add five new story levels as part of an “Origin Story” chapter. The game will be updated on Nov. 12 in Europe and Australia and in North America shortly afterwards.

The five additional stages will be some of the hardest in the game, adding difficult puzzles from concepts that didn’t fit in the original story mode. KnapNok Games, the game’s developer and publisher based in Denmark, recommends players tackle the new levels after beating the game.

Gameplay improvements based on player feedback and fixes for various bugs will also be added at the same time. The update is significant enough that the studio is calling its release a “remastering” of the original game rather than a patch.

The game’s price is also being temporarily discounted to $14.99 for two weeks. North American users will also get the discount when the update launches.

This downloadable content was originally announced in June for a post-summer release but was delayed.

Affordable Space Adventures is a Nintendo eShop exclusive that launched for the Wii U on April 9 for $19.99. Independent developer Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren and KnapNok Games worked together on its development.

The game is built around the console’s GamePad controller with players controlling a ship called the Small Craft on a mysterious planet. The game features local co-op play by controlling different parts of the ship together to solve puzzles and advance through each stage.

Watch the game’s trailer:

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