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Detroit is Quantic Dream’s Next Game for PS4

(Image by SCE)

Kara returns for the main role in Detroit. (Image by SCE)

Detroit: Become Human, a PlayStation 4 exclusive about an escaped android discovering her own humanity, is Quantic Dream’s upcoming game.

Detroit is in development exclusively for the PS4, from French developer Quantic Dream and David Cage. Cage revealed the project during Sony’s Paris Games Week conference on Tuesday.

The main character is Kara, an android who escapes from a factory inside Detroit and begins to live like a human being. Kara is highly advanced with emotions and beliefs, who wants to discover what it’s like to live outside of her intended design.

Originally Kara was used in a 2012 PlayStation 3 tech demo by Quantic Dream to show the studio’s work during its development of Beyond: Two Souls. The demo showed Kara being built inside a factory and somehow gained the ability to think and question her existence.

In the game the city of Detroit is also referred to as “Android City.” The story is set in the future where people and androids live together in society but the machines are serving the population and sold as products.

Quantic Dream decided to return to Kara’s story after the response the demo received and the lingering questions about where it could lead. Viewers wondered what would happen to Kara after she left the factory and Cage began to imagine too.

“To tell the truth, I didn’t know the answer myself, but I really wanted to find out,” Cage said during the presentation.

“I was not interested in writing a story about technology, robots or AI, but I’d rather wanted to use androids to question our own humanity and ask a simple question, ‘What does it mean to be human?'”

Cage said the studio picked Detroit as the game’s location after visiting the city, meeting people there and learning about its history.

A release date for Detroit wasn’t announced.

Kara is portrayed by Valorie Curry, an actress who had roles in television shows “Veronica Mars,” “The Following,” “House of Lies” and moves like “The Twilight Sega: Breaking Dawn-Part 2.”

Detroit is the follow-up to the studio’s 2013 game, Beyond: Two Souls on PlayStation 3, which starred Ellen Page as the main character. Quantic Dream’s previous game to Beyond was Heavy Rain, a mystery thriller released in February 2010 on the PS3. The studio’s games are designed around player choices impacting the storylines.

Watch Detroit’s reveal trailer:

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