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PS4 Gets First Price Cut in US and Canada

(Image by Sony Computer Entertainment)

(Image by Sony Computer Entertainment)

The PS4 will receive its first official price drop in the U.S. and Canada, permanently lowering the console’s retail cost to $349.99 and $429.99 CAD starting this Friday, Sony Computer Entertainment America announced on Thursday.

The basic 500GB PlayStation 4 console will reflect the reduced $50 price this week as well as various system bundles that include games like Destiny and The Last of Us already on the market.

The PS4 in Canada will receive a lesser price cut than its U.S. counterpart, with a $30 CAD reduction.

The western price drop follows one in Japan that Sony announced on Sept. 15 and went into effect on Oct.1, cutting the cost by 5,000 yen (around $41) to 34,980 yen. The console has retailed for $399.99 in North America since its launch on Nov. 15, 2013.

Sony also announced that several PS4 console bundles will have the new price this holiday season too. The Star Wars 500GB bundles releasing on Nov. 13 and Nov. 17, with two that come with a limited edition, Darth Vader-design console and controller, will cost $399.99 while the standard system edition will retail for the new base price. Two of the bundles come with a copy of Star Wars Battlefront while one comes with Disney Infinity 3.0. All three bundles come with four older Star Wars games for download.

A limited edition, Call of Duty: Black Ops III console bundle that comes with the game, a 1TB hard drive and a customized Black Ops III design will retail for $429.99 instead of $449.99 on Nov. 6. The 500GB Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection bundle will now retail for $349.99 when it launches on Friday with the game.

A Canadian-exclusive, NHL 16 bundle is currently available and will retail for $429.99 CAD.

Microsoft’s Xbox One console currently costs $349.99 with 500GB of storage, which the company permanently reduced in June after various limited promotional deals for that price since 2014. This is down from the console’s $499.99 cost at its Nov. 22, 2013 launch. The company also sells a 1TB Xbox One console for $399.99.

As of July the PS4 has sold more than 25.3 million units worldwide, leading the Xbox One and Nintendo’s Wii U.

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