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Smaller New 3DS Model Coming to North America

(Image by Nintendo)

(Image by Nintendo)

The smaller version of the New 3DS that has been unavailable all year in North America will soon hit retailers, Nintendo announced on Monday.

For now the console will release in a bundle with a digital version of Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, two changeable cover plates and an amiibo card that will launch on Sept. 25 for $219.99.

The New 3DS handheld released in Japan, Europe, Australia and New Zealand throughout fall 2014 and early 2015. Unlike other areas of the world, North America only has the larger New 3DS XL model available, which launched in February. The New 3DS XL model retails in red and black for $199.99.

This version of the New 3DS has the option for removable faceplates to personalize the exterior of the handheld, which the New 3DS XL cannot do.

The handheld is closer to the size of the 3DS model. It comes in all white with Super Famicon-colored buttons.

The n3DS console features a better processor, more detailed face-tracking 3D, a new analog stick, new shoulder buttons, built-in support for amiibo figures and an improved camera. The New 3DS handheld is supposed to play exclusive games that the old 3DS models cannot, with currently the only title being Xenoblade Chronicles 3D that released in April.

Nintendo also announced a Zelda-themed New 3DS XL called the “Hyrule Edition.” The model is exclusive to GameStop retailers and will release on Oct. 30 for $199.99. The console features a golden color design with artwork of a Hylian crest.

The stand-alone NFC Reader/Writer adapter for older 3DS models and 2DS that allows players to connect amiibos and cards will also release on Sept. 25 for $19.99

Nintendo also recently dropped the price of its 2DS model to $99.99.

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