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Hylics is a RPG in a Strange Clay-Animated World

(Image by Mason Lindroth)

Hylics is a psychedelic adventure though the material space.

Hylics is a bizarre game by Mason Lindroth, an independent developer who also made Weird Egg & Crushing Finger, Beachcomber, Journaliere and other experimental titles.

The trippy visuals and animations in Hylics feature clay figures and environments like in Lindroth’s previous releases. Hylics was created using the RPG Maker tool and released on Aug. 7.

The game’s title plays on the Gnostic belief system for the lowest of the three divisions of a human being. It’s also the term for the nature of matter.

Hylics features a few hours of gameplay with JRPG elements exploring a confusing world. Enemies of different creatures and objects are fought in turn-based battles. The game has creative ways to fight, like throwing a frozen burrito at enemies or wearing toilet paper for the character’s equipment. There are special attacks that can be found by accessing television sets throughout the world. Each of these have unique battle scenes.

The game is filled with spectacular animations. Characters attack with large hands snapping its fingers at enemies. Using items in combat like a disintegrating juice box can recover will to keep performing special attacks. A hot dog that takes over the screen can heal all your party’s health, which is referred to as flesh in the game.

(by Mason Lindroth)

Hylics includes finding new party members and small quests. You don’t lose progress or get a game over when you die but are sent to an afterlife where you can recover your party’s vitals and quickly travel to areas in the world. Character health increases by grinding up meat earned from beating enemies. Defeated enemies lay in a pool of their own matter where they were encountered. Objects in the environment can be broken down to a natural state and sometimes give new items.

Randomized text for conversations with the creatures in the game make absolutely no sense but are also oddly artistic and philosophical in a way.

Hylics just might be the weirdest game you play all year. It’s available for Windows PC on for a minimum of $3.

Watch the game’s trailer for more:

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