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Splatoon Passes 1 Million Sales

(Image by Nintendo)

(Image by Nintendo)

Splatoon has sold more than 1 million copies worldwide across retail and digital, Nintendo announced on Wednesday.

The game is a brand-new IP from Nintendo, released exclusively for the Wii U on May 29. Splatoon has an online multiplayer focus, where two teams of four players take on each other in matches, spraying levels with ink to gain points and territories while transforming into squids to quickly move around the stages.

Nintendo announced that 476,000 copies were sold across the Americas, 368,000 in Japan, 230,000 across Europe and 20,000 in Australia and New Zealand. These figures include both retail and eShop downloads. Sales figures for each format weren’t provided by the company.

Splatoon retails for $59.99 and is also part of a special edition Wii U console bundle sold exclusively at Best Buy that comes with a digital voucher for the game.

Splatoon is the 10th Wii U title to pass a million sales, joining games like Mario Kart 8 (2014, 5.11 million), Nintendo Land (2012, 4.68 million), Super Mario 3D World (2013, 4.10 million) and Super Smash Bros. (2014, 3.65 million). These figures are as of March 31.

The Wii U had more than 9.5 million worldwide sales by the end of March, according to Nintendo. The console launched in November 2012 in North America.

Splatoon continues to get free updates of downloadable content with new weapons, stages and game modes.

Watch this video showing different features of the game:

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