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Environmental Station Alpha is a Pixel Art Platformer Out Now on Steam

(Image by Arvi Teikari)

Environmental Station Alpha, a Metroid-style 2D action platformer with retro art visuals, released Wednesday for $7.99 on Steam for PC and Mac.

The game was created by Arvi “Hempuli” Teikari, an independent developer based in Finland. Teikari developed Environmental Station Alpha using Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion 2 software.

During launch week the game is 10 percent off on Steam. It features full controller support and Steam Trading Cards.

Development began in 2011, starting as a freeware title and evolving into a full commercial release. Environmental Station Alpha was put on Steam Greenlight in October 2014 and Greenlit by the community in December.

In Environmental Station Alpha you play as a robot sent to explore an abandoned space station. The station was used to preserve different forms of life and environments. The ship shut down decades ago with no surviving crew members and no explanations as to what happened. Recently transmissions were received from the supposedly abandoned station. The robot is sent there to figure out what caused the damage and who is sending the mysterious signals.

Environmental Station Alpha’s simplistic pixel art graphics combined with the atmospheric sounds are highlights of the game. Environmental Station Alpha has a strong focus on exploring and discovering new settings, like volcanic or forest areas. To attack the robot shoots different enemies with a blaster gun-like weapon, taking on alien creatures throughout the station that have their own combat patterns. The game features more than 10 power-ups and 15 bosses to face, with a few of those fights thrown at the player early in the adventure.

The game’s audio is done by Roope “Noby” Makinen, a Finnish musician and someone who Teikari worked with previously on other projects. You can listen to more of Noby’s music here. The sound effects were made by Joonas Turner and Niilo Takalainen. Turner worked on games like Nuclear Throne (2013), Badland (2013), The Swapper (2013) and Broforce (2014).

Watch Environmental Station Alpha’s launch trailer:


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