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Resident Evil HD Remaster Sets Sales Records for Capcom

(Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

The original Resident Evil continues to find an audience almost 20 years after its initial release. (Image by Tim Bowman/Quarter Disorder)

Capcom announced Monday that the release of its remastered survival horror classic is now the fastest-selling digital game across North America and Europe in the company’s history.

Resident Evil HD Remaster released Jan. 20 as a download on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $19.99.

In addition to selling well for Capcom, the company also said that Resident Evil HD broke the record for the highest day-one sales of a digital game on the PlayStation Network.

The game updates the 2002 GameCube remake of the first Resident Evil, improving the graphics to 1080p on next-generation consoles and 60 frames-per-second on PC, adding a new widescreen display and including a new updated control scheme alongside the original gameplay style.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, the game’s producer, thanked players in a YouTube message for the positive response to Resident Evil HD.

“Thanks to the passion and support of our fans and the dedication of everyone on the team, we have been able to bring this acclaimed survival horror masterpiece in newly remastered form,” he said.

Sony also announced Monday that Resident Evil HD was the highest-selling game on the PlayStation Store in January for both the PS4 and PS3.

Exact sales numbers for the game weren’t provided by either Capcom or Sony.

The GameCube version of Resident Evil has sold 1.35 million copies in its lifetime. Resident Evil first released in March 1996.

Watch Quarter Disorder play Resident Evil HD Remaster in the video below:

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