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Gotham City Impostors Has $220 Worth of Unlockable Downloadable Content

The latest DC game features a ton of paid add-ons to make your character the most believable fraud.

For a price, you can pretend you unlocked everything with hard work and determination in Gotham City Impostors. 

The downloadable game based on the “Batman” universe released Tuesday for the PlayStation 3 and Wednesday on Xbox 360. Before it was even for sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace, its large amount of downloadable content were. There’s currently 105 pieces of DLC add-ons for Impostors, ranging in price from 80 ($1) to 320 ($4) Microsoft Points. If you were to buy every single item, it would cost $220.

Developed by the Washington-based Monolith Productions, Impostors costs $14.99 on the PlayStation Network Store or 1200 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 Game Marketplace. Impostors is a first-person shooter, multiplayer-only game where fake Batmans called “Bats” take on fraudulent Jokers dubbed “Jokerz” across Gotham. The game supports up to six versus six player matches.

All the DLC for sale is completely optional. Every piece of content can be unlocked through playing the game, according to ThunderDragon, the administrator on the game’s official message board. Monolith also confirmed that there is no gameplay advantage by purchasing any of the add-ons for your character. The content is for sale to players who don’t feel like taking the time to unlock their desired customized accessory.

Players can customize their character’s appearance, changing cosmetic items like shirts, pants, shoes and signature logo. Examples of the downloadable content for sale include “Sadistic Shorts” for the Jokerz side at 120 Points, and the “Comfy Crimefighters” shoes for 320 Points for the Bats. “Gotham Mascots” that follow you around the game are also for sale, costing 240 Points each.

In a sign that game might have too much downloadable content, Gotham City Impostors takes up most of the 100 spaces under the new release section for add-ons on the Xbox 360 Game Marketplace.

Watch the game’s official trailer:

Image by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

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