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Saints Row: The Third Uses Online Pass for Co-Op and “Whored Mode”

Saints Row: The Third from THQ allows two people to join the story mode for co-op play.

To “activate the full online experience” of THQ’s wacky Saints Row: The Third, players need to download an Online Pass that’s included with all new copies of the game.

Saints Row: The Third released Tuesday for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The Online Pass unlocks two game modes included on the disc, online cooperative play and “Whored Mode.” Developed by Volition, Inc., Saints Row 3 allows two people to play the story mode together through online co-op.

Whored Mode sends waves of enemies at players as they try to survive as many rounds as possible. The name is a play on the popular multiplayer “horde mode” featured in titles like Epic Games’ Gears of War 3. Whored Mode can be played by yourself or with others over the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. There’s no competitive multiplayer in Saints Row 3.

If you bought the game used or borrowed it from a rental service or friend, the Online Pass costs $9.99 on PS3 or 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. On Microsoft’s system the 316 KB file is a 25-character code that can be redeemed in the game’s menus. There’s no free trial for The Third’s online modes.

On Xbox 360, players also can’t do system link– locally connecting two 360s to play together- without redeeming the Online Pass. When players select the system link option in the game’s menus before downloading the voucher, a prompt tells them to punch in their Online Pass code. Some players don’t have Xbox Live Gold or the ability to connect to it in their area, so they prefer to play co-op and multiplayer locally. This is one of the first instances where sections of a game normally accessible offline through system link are completely blocked out without an Online Pass.

Saints Row 2 released Oct. 14, 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The game has both online co-op and competitive multiplayer but doesn’t use the Online Pass.

THQ began its own Online Pass system in May 2010 with UFC Undisputed 2010. The pass cost $4.99 (400 MS Points) to unlock the fighter’s online multiplayer. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 released October 2010 has the “Online Axxess” for its multiplayer, which increased THQ’s pass price to $9.99. Other THQ games like the March release Homefront also use the Online Pass to lock out its online modes.

In addition to the Online Pass, THQ and Volition have a Season Pass of downloadable content savings for Saints Row 3. For $19.99 (1600 MS Points), players get three announced future add-on releases spanning into next spring. The Third is one of few games on the market to have both an Online and Season Pass. In September, THQ CEO Brian Farrell said the company has around 40 weeks of downloadable content planned for the latest Saints Row.

Watch the video below to see all the crazy things you can do in Saints Row: The Third:

Image by THQ

20 Responses to “Saints Row: The Third Uses Online Pass for Co-Op and “Whored Mode””

  1. acid613

    i think this is a dumb idea, i have a 360 and i play offline almost exclusively. but now me and my friend who have beat almost all our games in co-op sys link have to pay for it? its just an over inflated way of making $10. and is completely rediculious.

  2. Sez

    I put in the code for SR3 and I was playing with my friend online and then the next day it says I need a code ? Like wtf

    • Tim

      Here’s a couple things you can try to fix this. Reset Saints Row 3 and start playing it again. It might have just been a glitch or something, so the code might register this time. Reset the PS3 or Xbox 360 system and go back in the game. You can also try redownloading the Online Pass from your Download History and see if that helps. It should be working regardless because you were able to play online with your friend.

      If none of this works, you’ll probably have to call THQ’s Technical Support number at 1-818-880-0456. Hope you’re able to start playing online again.

  3. nate

    this is completely stupid. saints 2 was a blast playing with a friend online just screwing around the city. i already have to pay for live, why would i have to pay again to play on saints 3, cause i bought mine new but cant find my code (i think i threw that paper out on accident), and my friend bought it used and it didnt come with one. it just doesnt make sense. obviously its just a way to make more money but it makes me not like the game. or the company for that matter…

  4. Rissa

    Bought it used now I have to waste money just to play co-op. You already made your profit, it’s just gonna make people lose interest like I have. No offense.

  5. patsy

    this is bull shit we got the game from the library and cant play online with friends cuz they didnt give us the code. wtf they allready made there money on the game u buy it new and its $60 $70 what ever y do u have to add in a nother 10 to play with friends stupid bullshit and the stuff online for a free code dont even work. my husband got it and i ended up likeing it better then c.o.d. and now i hate it cuz i cant play online!!!!!

  6. Reece

    My saints row online pass came with my game and i redeemed it, however my xbox redringed and was replaced by microsoft, when i have The xbox connected to live coop works, however when i system link the two xboxs my mates one works, but mine says online pass required. I have tried resetting, tried redownloading and it still doesnt work. Ideas??

    • sr3fan well..

      Your best bet would be for all of you to boucot the company see how greedy thq really is like cmon its 10$ extra what in the world do u need to rob us for damn fools….

  7. Daniel

    Taking my game back for a refund, this has made me completely lose interest in saints row. well done thq for destroying the offline option of system linking with friends. really disappointed, I know several others that will go for a refund now also.

  8. pjm

    Stop bitching because u own a 360 . Hell go to PS3 like I did . I use to be a 360 fan boy until they banned me . So who gets my money now ? PS3 & screw 360. Why she we have to pay to connect to 3rd party game servers when you can get it all for free .


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