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Resistance 3 Online Pass Detailed, Works for All PSN Accounts on Same System

To join the resistance online you first need the Online Pass.

Sony Computer Entertainment began its “PSN  Pass” program for its first-party releases this week. Sony announced the system in July. The first game to use Sony’s Online Pass is Resistance 3, which released this Tuesday.

Developed by Insomniac Games, Resistance 3 is a PS3 exclusive first-person shooter set in an alternative universe where a race of aliens has invaded the United States and threatens to wipe out the last survivors of humanity.

The Online Pass comes in all new copies of the game. The one-time use voucher for the Online Pass is found on the back of Resistance 3’s instruction manual. Players need to redeem a 12-character code on their PlayStation Network account before they can get online. The code includes directions on how to redeem the 103 KB download voucher. The code isn’t redeemed through Resistance 3 but under the Account Management section of the PS3 XMB.

Resistance 3’s online pass is unlike other passes because it isn’t locked to one account on the redeemed system, like with Mortal Kombat or F.E.A.R. 3.

Insomniac Games confirmed on its Twitter and Facebook that the Online Pass will work on all system accounts on the player’s PS3 console. This means that all users on the system, not just the PSN account the Online Pass is redeemed on, can play online in Resistance 3. NOTE: This was tested to work before publication of this article.

The Online Pass also allows for dual log-in, so two players with different accounts on the same system can join online games.

The Online Pass unlocks all the online multiplayer modes like Deathmatch, team-based games like Capture the Flag, Chain Reaction and Breach. There’s a total of eight matchmaking modes for public and private games. The voucher is also needed so players can join online co-operative mode with a friend and go through the game’s story campaign.

There’s no option in Resistance 3 for a free two-day trial to test out the multiplayer like some other titles with online passes allow for. The online multiplayer menu is completely inaccessible without the Online Pass.

Unfortunately unsuspecting used buyers might get duped if they buy Resistance 3 at a retailer like GameStop. In the corner on the back of the game’s case it says, “Activate your Resistance 3 Online Pass to access online features.” The small red box with the vague warning isn’t a focal point of the back cover.

It doesn’t clearly state that without the Online Pass players can’t use any of Resistance 3’s online multiplayer modes or that the player will need to purchase one separately to do so. The wording is similar to the confusing way Electronic Arts informs players of its Online Pass, like on copies of Dead Space 2.

Those who buy the game used, rent it from services like Redbox or borrow it from a friend have to buy their own Online Pass to play competitively online. The pass costs $9.99 on the PlayStation Network Store.

Technically if someone you know has a copy of Resistance 3 they can “gameshare” the Online Pass to your system, allowing you to play the multiplayer. To do this that player must log into their PSN account while under a different system account on your PS3. They then need to log into the PlayStation Network Store with their PSN account and download the Online Pass. Once downloaded it should work for all the system accounts on that PS3. A PSN account has five slots to do this with, meaning games and other items on the account can be downloaded on up to five different PS3 systems.

The purpose of the online pass is to discourage used game sales and force people to buy new copies. Some publishers claim they don’t get any profits from used game buyers. The online pass is put into games so publishers can make additional earnings from those sales. Insomniac said, “However, Used game purchases must buy a new pass for $10. That’s the whole point, actually.”

Not only do players need an Online Pass, they also have to accept a lengthy End- User License Agreement (EULA) before even being allowed to play.

Before the game’s release, Insomniac tested the online multiplayer through a public beta. The beta began Aug. 4 for those who had purchased SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALS and Aug. 23 for PlayStation Plus users.

Even though Resistance 3 just released, there’s already confirmed downloadable content. The Resistance 3 Survival Pack will release on Oct. 4. The DLC will cost $3.99 on the PSN Store. It gives players a new multiplayer game mode called Invasion, where the goal is to hold onto multiple control points without them being taken by the other team. A similar game mode called Meltdown was included at retail release with 2006’s Resistance: Fall of Man.

The Survival Pack also comes with new character skins for online multiplayer and a Resistance 3 Survivor concept art theme for the PS3 XMB.

Players can track their multiplayer statistics in Resistance 3 at

Resistance 3 retails for $59.99.

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9 Responses to “Resistance 3 Online Pass Detailed, Works for All PSN Accounts on Same System”

  1. Bev

    The Resistance 3 online pass code that comes with the ‘new’ game does not work either. It gives an error saying the code is either invalid or expired, regardless of the fact that I just unsealed the game. Various online forums suggest this is region related which is nonsense since I bought the game new locally. Once more I am unsurprised at the incompetence pervasive in every field of endeavour.

    After paying full price for this rubbish I had to pay another $10 to buy an ‘online pass’. This burns me up more every time I think of it.

    Boycott these idiots,

  2. N Tee

    I’ve only had it for a month, brought it brand new now it’s saying I need to apply a network pass which I already input when i brought it and had bin playing online now I have to buy another one, like WTF!! Seriously issues right there, I’m going to ring the helpline and sort that rubbish out, grrrrr

  3. Tony Gantt

    I purchased resistance 3 for my ps3 and my online code doesn’t work? Can u please help me.


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