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inFamous 2 Trophy Import Feature Requires inFamous Game Data

Cole needs his old internal accolades to continue his fight in inFamous 2.

There’s been some confusion about the Trophy import feature in inFamous 2. Many have had problems importing their inFamous Trophies to the game. When they start inFamous 2, the prompt to continue the inFamous story never appears. It turns out inFamous 2 needs the Trophy and hard drive install data from the original inFamous.

Players who earned Trophies for inFamous won’t be able to import them to the sequel without the original’s game data. Even if they have the Trophies synched, it won’t work. They might be missing the game data if their system broke, they erased their hard drive, or they’re using a new PlayStation 3 system.

The game’s manual makes no mention of this requirement. Sucker Punch confirmed on its official message board that the game data from the first game is necessary for the import feature. Players need to be connected to the PlayStation Network to copy the game’s Trophy data to their system.

Each PS3 has an internal Trophy list besides the one found on the system’s XMB. This internal list is installed along with the PS3 game data. inFamous 2 reads this internal list to import the first game’s Trophies.

Importing Trophies to inFamous 2 will give players small starting bonuses and some story changes to various side missions and conversations. Either a physical or digital copy of inFamous will work for the install. The option to import the Trophy data into inFamous 2 takes place at the game’s main menu. The inFamous save data isn’t needed.

The first game’s Trophy data has to be copied to the system for this feature to work. I personally tested this by deleting the inFamous game data from my hard drive. I was still presented with the option to continue the inFamous story or start an entirely new game. I had finished inFamous with the Evil Ending Trophy and all the evil karma Trophies. I was given the option to start the game with evil karma. Those who have both sets of karma Trophies can choose which initial path to follow, be it good, neutral, or evil.

From the beginning of the game, some examples of the import changes in inFamous 2 include Cole’s lightning being red instead of blue. For dialogue, citizens will say Cole is going to kill them rather than help them.

The first inFamous is currently a free 6.88 GB download as part of Sony’s “Welcome Back” program for PS3 owners. The Welcome Back program ends July 3. inFamous regularly costs $29.99 on the PSN Store.

Photo by  PlayStation Blog

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