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“Rockstar Pass” Gives Discount for All L.A. Noire DLC

L.A. Noire gathers all the evidence and puts it together in a downloadable bundle.

Rockstar Games introduced the Rockstar Pass for L.A. Noire today. The Rockstar Pass is a one-time purchase that gives players a discounted bundle on all present and future L.A. Noire DLC. It’s also a way to pre-order future downloadable content in the game. Players with the Rockstar Pass will automatically get new DLC once it releases.

The Rockstar Pass is available today and is now on sale for 800 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace or $9.99 on the PlayStation Network Store. However PlayStation 3 owners can’t download anything yet because the PSN Store is still down. Rockstar confirmed the Pass will be available at its sale price when the PSN Store returns online. The Rockstar Pass is on sale until June 14. After the 13th it will cost $11.99 or 960 Microsoft Points.

The Rockstar Pass currently isn’t sold at retail or included in new copies of the game. It works for both new and used copies of L.A. Noire. Rockstar’s version isn’t anything like online passes in games like DiRT 3 or Mortal Kombat.

Over time the Rockstar Pass will give players seven downloads, which includes the game’s five pre-order bonuses. The bonuses were exclusive to specific retailers.

The Pass includes four cases, two suits, and a collecting challenge. Purchasing all the game’s DLC individually costs $20. Essentially players save $8-10 buying the Rockstar Pass and accessing all the paid content. With the Pass there’s no need for the player to buy the content separately.

The Vice case “A Slip of the Tongue” and Traffic case “The Naked City” are available to download today. The two cases cost $3.99 or 320 Microsoft Points each. A Slip of the Tongue was a pre-order bonus at Wal-Mart. The case has Phelps investigating the biggest auto fraud scheme to hit L.A. The Naked City was a GameStop exclusive pre-order and focuses on a fashion model’s shady suicide.

Other DLC that released today includes two Detective Suits, “The Broderick” (Amazon exclusive) and “The Sharpshooter (Best Buy exclusive),” which both cost 80 MS Points or $0.99. The Broderick suit increases melee skills and damage resistance. The Sharpshooter suit gives players increased accuracy with pistols and rifles.

The Badge Pursuit Challenge costs 160 MS Points or $1.99 and is available now. The challenge is to collect 20 police badges hidden around Los Angeles. Each badge gives the player five experience points. Collecting all 20 badges earns the Button Man suit, which gives extra ammo for every weapon used.

Two all-new DLC cases will release in the future. The Arson case “Nicholson Electroplating” will release June 21. The Vice case “Reefer Madness” comes out July 12. Both cases cost 320 MS Points or $3.99. All the DLC cases include new Trophies and Achievements.

The “Chicago Piano” machine gun is a free download which is now available. The “Chicago Lightning” suit is also available for free to Rockstar Social Club members. The suit gives players increased accuracy with a shotgun or machine gun.

Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games, said:

With its blend of real crime influences and noir atmosphere, L.A. Noire contains boundless potential for new stories and new cases. The four new cases are strong standalone stories that sit perfectly alongside the main game.

L.A. Noire released May 17 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game retails for $59.99.

Photo by Rockstar Games

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