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Trials HD & DLC Pass 2 Million Sales on Xbox Live

Digital sales rev up a milestone for Trials HD.

The game’s Finnish-based developer RedLynx announced¬†Trials HD has reached more than 2 million sales over Xbox Live. This includes both the original game and its two DLC releases, Big Pack and Big Thrills. This makes Trials HD one of the best-selling games ever on the Xbox Live Arcade.

These sales don’t include the Triple Pack retail game which released April 19 for the Xbox 360 that includes Trials HD, LIMBO, and ‘Splosion Man.

Trials HD released Aug. 12, 2009 on the Xbox Live Arcade during the “Summer of Arcade” promotion. The hybrid motorcycle racing and puzzle title is known for its addictive gameplay and challenging difficulty level.

During its first month of release Trials HD sold 300,000 downloads. The first DLC Big Pack released Dec. 30, 2009 and Big Thrills launched Dec. 1, 2010. The downloadable content introduced more than 40 new tracks and 100 additional achievement points to the game. Trials HD was voted the best XBLA game of 2009 by Xbox 360 players.

Tero Virtala, CEO of RedLynx, said:

It’s been a little more than a year and a half since Trials HD was released. For a digitally downloaded game, this is a significant milestone, and shows one of the many ways the digital space is quickly growing and the industry itself is changing and evolving.

The game retails for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15) and has a 207.09 MB download size. The two DLC packs retail for 400 Points ($5) each and have a download size of 8 MB and 8.17 MB respectively.

Photo by Microsoft

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