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Deathsmiles 2X Now Available in Canada and Mexico for Games on Demand

After a slight delay, Deathsmiles 2X is ready to unleash bullet hell on the rest of North America.

Makoto Asada, Cave producer, announced Deathsmiles 2x is available today for Canada and Mexico. Players in those regions can download the game from their country’s Marketplace.

When the game released for Xbox 360’s Games on Demand last week, Deathsmiles 2X was only available in the U.S. It was supposed to be available for all of North America, but players in Canada and Mexico couldn’t buy the game. An official reason wasn’t given for the game’s unavailability in those countries.

Many players from those countries were upset and informed Cave of the problem. Cave worked with Microsoft to make 2X available for Canada and Mexico.

The shmup costs $29.99, or 2,400 Microsoft Points. The download size for the game is 1.19 GB. Deathsmiles 2X has 50 achievements to unlock during gameplay.

Photo by Cave

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