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Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Pack is GameStop’s Biggest DLC Launch Ever

The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops downloadable content generates record sales at GameStop.

During its quarterly earnings call, GameStop announced that the Escalation pack was the company’s most successful DLC launch of all time. GameStop delivered 50,000 pre-orders to PowerUp Rewards members the day the content launched on Xbox Live. The retailer sold more than 200,000 Escalation codes both online and in-store during its first week of release.

The Escalation pack released May 3. The pack is the second DLC release for Treyarch’s Black Ops. It contains 4 all-new multiplayer maps called Zoo, Hotel, Convoy, and Stockpile.

It also features a Zombies mission named Call of the Dead. Described as the “zombie-killing dream-team,” the level features famous stars Michael Rooker, Danny Trejo, Robert Englund (who played Freddy Krueger),and Sarah Michelle Gellar as playable characters. The team must fight off Russian zombies on an icy Siberian island.

Currently the Escalation pack is only available for the Xbox 360. The DLC retails for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15).

GameStop also announced that digital sales for the retailer increased 53 percent in the past year. It said that digital sales are an increasingly important focus of the company. GameStop plans to offer the same support for digital content launches as it does for physical goods. This includes “full marketing plans, presell incentives and go big exclusive content.”

The PC version of Escalation will be available June 2. The PlayStation 3 version doesn’t have an official release date.

Photo by Activision

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