I thought this challenge was pretty good up until the part where you had to drive while still trying to transport the time. That part was aggravating already as you could ensure a sufficiently smooth journey by driving slow, but the addition of the hostile helicopter turned it into a wretched and torturous experience. I tried, I really tried to do this challenge fairly. But the combination of gnome, driving and helicopter was so nightmarish (even on the Medium difficulty setting), that I resorted to invincibility cheats for that portion. The experience was interesting and different, but that part killed it for me.

The worst part was that the driving portion could have been so much less frustrating by simply putting some kind of ledge where the doors or would normally be, or even by giving us a trunk where we could stash the gnome. As it stands, it feels like it was a last minute addition without being as well thought out as it could have been.