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Redesign for Xbox 360 Avatars

A change is coming to Xbox 360 Avatars.

Microsoft is planning to upgrade Xbox 360 Avatars to improve Kinect play.

Nick Burton, Senior Programmer at Rare, told OXM UK yesterday that Avatars will be getting a redesign, making them more human-like.

The current Avatars cause problems for Kinect-supported games. The body proportions of the Avatar’s cartoon design make hand-eye coordination difficult for players, resulting in hampered gameplay.

Speaking to Xbox360Achievements, Burton said:

If the skeletal scale is off enough, the hand-eye coordination is broken. Not technologically, but it’s a perception thing.

Burton called the change “Avatar 2.0.”

The new Avatars will be available sometime before or at Kinect’s release. Further information is not known at this time. No word on how previously purchased Avatar clothing items will be affected by the new design.

Kinect launches Nov. 4 in North America.

Photo by Microsoft

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