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Eye of Judgment PS3 Servers to Shutdown in September

Eye of Judgment’s servers are going offline.

On July 1st, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe announced that online support for Eye of Judgment will be terminated.

The servers are scheduled to shutdown on Sept. 30th. No official reason for the termination was given.

Wow. Eye of Judgment is not even three-years-old yet the online servers are going bye-bye. This isn’t a third-party server either. This is a Sony title.

It’s essentially killing the game, because online play is a major selling point of EoJ. If a player bought cards for online battles, that money just went down the toilet.

Welcome to the future of gaming. Another game neutered.

I like how they say “offline play will remain available”. Um, why wouldn’t it be? No doubt they’d take that away too if they could. There’s no reason why players shouldn’t be able to run their own servers to play online matches.

Get your matches in before it’s too late!

[photo by Playstation Blog]

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