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New Twisted Metal on PS3 in 2011

Sweet Tooth and the Twisted Metal franchise make their way back to Playstation home consoles.

Yesterday at E3, Sony revealed a new Twisted Metal game during the last part of their conference.

Eat Sleep Play is developing the game,which is titled Twisted Metal. It’s exclusive to the PS3.

David Jaffe and Scott Campbell, co-founders of Eat Sleep Play, introduced Twisted Metal, demonstrating two game modes, team deathmatch and Nuke, a new addition to the series. 

David Jaffe, director of the original God of War and Twisted Metal series, said:

Twisted Metal is the longest running series in Playstation history; from PS1 to PS2 over to PSP, the multi-million selling Twisted Metal series has been there from the start.

Some features of the car combat game:

  • Online 16-player multiplayer
  • Two to four-player split-screen
  • New game modes like Nuke
  • Online: Factions fighting factions; Sweet Tooth and Doll Face factions shown so far
  • Helicopter as vehicle choice
  • Each vehicle has two special attacks
  • Team weapons for team-based games
  • Campaign mode

The goal of Nuke mode is to destroy the opponent’s giant faction statue before they destroy yours. To destroy the statue, a player must capture the opposing faction leader and drag them to the team’s missile launcher. If the team loses the opposing faction’s leader, they respawn at their respective base.

With the faction leader at the missile launcher, the launcher must be charged up and defended before it shoots. When the missile launches, it must be guided into the enemy’s statue. To win the game, the statue must be hit three times with a missile.

Jaffe and Campbell noted teamwork is crucial to the online game modes.

Here’s footage of the game demonstration:

According to Jaffe, more factions are to be revealed throughout the year. No details on Twisted Metal’s single player have been announced.

The last game in the series was Twisted Metal: Head-On for the PSP in 2005 and later ported to the PS2 in 2008. The last in the franchise developed specifically for home consoles was 2001’s Twisted Metal Black.

The new Twisted Metal launches sometime in 2011. An official release date hasn’t been confirmed.

[photo by Playstation Blog]

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