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PSN’s Playstation Plus Announced and Detailed

An upgrade heads to Playstation 3’s online service.

Today at their E3 Conference, Sony announced a premium service for the Playstation Network called Playstation Plus.

Jack Trenton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, spoke oftheservice’s value:

Playstation Plus subscribers will gain access to an exclusive set of features and content designed specifically for gamers. When you subscribe to Playstation Plus, you’ll get hundreds of dollars worth of value throughout the year.

PSN’s current features, such as online multiplayer gaming, are still free.

Details of Playstation Plus:

  • $49.99 for full year subscription
  • $17.99 for three-month subscription
  • Content owned only during duration of subscription
  • Early access to demos and exclusive betas
  • Discounts on PSN purchases
  • Free games from the Playstation Store
  • Access to PS1 Classics
  • Automatic downloads for game and system updates as well as game content
  • Limited time: buy one-year get three months free

For the first month, Plus subscribers will get the full PSN game Wipeout HD, the PS1 Classic Rally Cross, a full game trial for Infamous , and two PSP minis, Age of Zombies and Fieldrunners.

Cross-game chat is only going to be available to those who access Playstation Plus. According to Joystiq, anyone on PSN can take part in cross- game chat, but at least one member of the chat needs to be a Playstation Plus subscriber. Chat invites can be sent to non-subscribers.

According to Sony, Playstation Plus is launching June 29th.

[photo by Sony]

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