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New Xbox 360 Model, Now Shipping in North America

A new Xbox 360 modelis hitting stores this week.

Today Microsoft unveiled the new system duringthe end of theirE3 Conference.

The price? $299.

Here’s some of the system’s features:

  • Smaller size
  • Smaller power supply cable
  • 250 GB Hard Drive (removable)
  • Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
  • Quieter fan
  • Black and glossy finish
  • Five USB Ports
  • Touch sensitive power and eject buttons
  • 1-year warranty only
  • Built-in ports for Kinect

According to Don Mattrick, Senior Vice President of Interactive Entertainment at Microsoft, the new 360 is shipping today in North America. It releases in Europe on July 16th.

To transfer data from old models to the latest system, a transfer cable is needed. According to Joystiq, the transfer cable will cost $19.99. Data can also be transferred using USB drives.

The new 360 is now the standard model.

According to Gamespot, Xbox’s product marketing manager Ryan Moore stated current models of 360s are discontinued and will no longer be shipped. They are available in stores until supplies run out.

Prices of the Elite and Arcade models will also be cut by $50, down to $249 and $149 respectively.

[photos by Joystiq]

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