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The 5 Worst Product Placements in Video Games

3. Doritos Dash of Destruction

Xbox 360, 2008

If you think advergames are a relic from the past, think again. Dash of Destruction is a free download on the Xbox Live Arcade. In just a few weeks after release, it was downloaded close to a million times.

There are two different modes of play in Dash of Destruction. You play as either a T-Rex chasing after Doritos or a delivery truck dropping off the chips.

While playing as the T-Rex, the goal is to eat a certain number of delivery trucks before it delivers all the chips. When playing as a delivery truck, the goal is to collect Doritos bags on the map while the T-Rex tries to stop you.

For Hugues, it symbolizes the two worst current trends in gaming: short attention span flash games and the achievement point system. Gamers are enticed to play through Dash of Destruction to inflate their gamerscore.

It’s basically a “10-15 minute commercial for Doritos,” said Hugues.

2. M.C. Kids

NES/Game Boy/C64/Amiga/Atari ST/PC, 1992

One day while babysitting his nephew, Hugues punished him by having him play M.C. Kids (McDonald’s Land in Europe).

M.C. Kids was sponsored by McDonald’s. The Hamburglar stole Ronald McDonald’s magical sack, and it’s up to the player to get it back. In order to finish each level, you need to find a secret item hidden in it.

M.C. Kids is a side scrolling game that’s incredibly difficult because of frustrating controls. This led to falling off ledges and missing jumps, said Hugues.

“It’s really an ad for McDonald’s. Neither of the kids are morbidly obese so it’s not even all that accurate,” said Hugues.

NES version

The game also takes elements from Super Mario Bros. 2 & 3 but gets neither right, said Hugues. The level select screen is an exact copy of Super Mario Bros. 3.

The only positive of the game is that it at least promoted racial unity, joked Hugues. Most NES games featured white main characters. M.C. Kids featured a 2-player mode where one character was white and the other black.

3 Responses to “The 5 Worst Product Placements in Video Games”

  1. Ant Andy

    I’m SHOCKED that Yo Noid! wasn’t included!

    Though I actually thought that was a good game, so maybe you’re looking for BAD games… But still YO NOID!

  2. BT

    Andy, I agree with you. That was actually one of Hugue’s honorable mentions. Not only was it a game that didn’t need to be made, Noid has to be one of the worst mascots ever! I don’t think Domino’s ever recovered! Haha

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Solid Shady

    Oh my god! The kool aid game for the intellvision actually hurt my eyes!!

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