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Review: Mass Effect 2

It was a pain in the ass obtaining the preorder bonuses too. I can’t stand when companies make you go through their website to get content. Rather than going straight through the Xbox Live Marketplace, EA makes you go through the process on their website and then download it in-game.

The DLC released so far is lame. You get a bonus crew member named Zaeed. He’s not that good of a character. He doesn’t have any dialogue options either. Instead, he continues to talk about his battles and explorations until he runs out of stuff to say. His loyalty mission is easily the weakest out of all the characters.

The “Normandy Crash Site” mission is a total joke as well. You can’t consider it a mission. It’s more of a sightseeing tour that has you collecting the dog tags of your fallen crew members. There are plans for future free DLC if you’re part of the Cerberus Network, but I can’t image them being anything good. This is disappointing considering the quality of the first round of Mass Effect 1 DLC.

Final Thoughts:

Mass Effect 2 is an incredible game. It’s better than the original in every way. There are very few games that can immerse you into its universe as well as it does. There are so many ways to play Mass Effect 2. From the different character classes, party members, and dialogue options, not everyone will have the same experience. It’s exciting to imagine how they’ll wrap up the trilogy with Mass Effect 3.

Score: 5/5

Price to Play: Full Price


  • A smoother and improved experience from Mass Effect 1
  • Story, especially loyalty missions
  • Amazing dialogue & conversations
  • Variety of ways to play through the game
  • Great cast of characters
  • Interesting to see characters, scenarios, etc from first Mass Effect carry over


  • Scanning planets
  • Load times
  • Party member AI not consistent
  • Not as many side quests as Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect 2 was completed on Normal difficulty in 40 hours and 41 minutes, with 45/51 achievements and 875/1000 gamerscore.

[Photos by BioWare]